Sports Illustrated: The Black Coaches Who Should Be on Decision-Makers’ Radars This College Football Season

In Sports Illustrated, Richard Johnson created a list of Black head coaches, coordinators and assistants who are on industry sources’ radars moving forward. For the assistants, not all of them may be ready to be head coaches in this cycle, but some may soon get their shot at the big time as they develop and become more known in the “election” process. The NCMFC had 15 members named to this list:

  1. AJ Steward
  2. Brian Johnson
  3. Charles Huff
  4. Chris Marve
  5. Dell McGee
  6. Doug Belk
  7. Jerry Mack
  8. Josh Gattis
  9. Lance Taylor
  10. Larry Scott
  11. Ryan Walters
  12. Tem Lukabu
  13. Tony Elliott
  14. Van Malone
  15. Willie Simmons

Read the full article here.

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