Our Mission


Established in June 2020, the National Coalition of Minority Football Coaches (NCMFC) and its foundation are dedicated to preparing, promoting, and producing minority coaches at all levels of football (professional, collegiate, scholastic, and recreational).


Football is more than a game; it is a microcosm of life. Football, like life, presents physical and mental challenges – true adversity in some sense – that require innovative strategies, hard work and perseverance. Success rarely occurs without some sacrifice, agony and pain. Even the most talented individuals cannot do it alone; rather, they need the help of a team to reach the proverbial goal line. Paramount to a team’s ability to reach its goals is a coach.

A coach is everything – a teacher, a trainer, a motivator, a cheerleader, a recruiter, a confidant, and, on occasion, even a needed friend or parent. The relationship between coach and player is rooted in an elemental bond borne of a struggle to overcome adversity in the quest for elusive success. That bond is often life altering. A coach, therefore, is not only a cherished position of trust and leadership in the game of life, but also integral to the game on the field – a game enjoyed by hundreds of millions of fans generating billions of dollars in revenues.

Despite the vast numbers of minority football players at all levels, minorities are disproportionately excluded from or limited in coaching opportunities at most levels. The reasons for their exclusion is inextricably interwoven into the societal road blocks that underrepresented individuals frequently face. These roadblocks create an unfortunate imbalance where minorities do not enjoy meaningful participation in available coaching opportunities.


The NCMFC will remove the roadblocks and level the playing field for minority football coaches. Through unmatched professional training and educational programs, the NCMFC will prepare its coaches for greater success. In promoting them for available opportunities, the NCMFC will highlight its member coaches’ accomplishments and demonstrate their abilities using data analytics. The NCMFC will be a sounding board, a resource and an ally for all who desire meaningful diversity and inclusion in coaching by identifying minority-coaching candidates who are capable of producing on the field or in the booth.

An experienced Board of Directors—whose members have reached the pinnacle of coaching and managing success, including Super bowl and National Champion titles—will lead the NCMFC. The Board will operate with one fundamental goal: preparing, promoting and producing qualified minority coaches at all levels of football. The NCMFC looks forward to teaming with all leagues, associations, conferences, and organizations, who share its mission. The time is now. The NCMFC wants you to join our team! Our success will be your success!