Member Events

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  • NCMFC Convention: The NCMFC annual convention is the marque event for coaches and administrators. With more than 4,000 coaches and 9,000 attendees. This 4-day comprehensive educational experience designed specifically for minority football coaches and football administrators. Over the 4 days of the Convention our attendees will have access to over 150 classroom sessions, on field demonstrations, vendors, awards, presentations, professional development certifications and meals. Each day when the work is all done there will be social functions to cut back and enjoy great food and to share your love of the game with your peers and colleagues from around the country.
    • Location
    • Venue
    • Speakers
    • Registration
    • Housing
    • Schedule of Events
    • Vendors & Exhibits
  • Concert/s (Cogent Entertainment) (SAP box suites)
  • Golf Tournament
  • Webinars (will likely nestle under Education/Training)

With regards to events this can be a shared role, but as we get established, we should have a director of events. Best practice would be 12 months lead time for securing venue and negotiating rates with hotels and restaurants.

Additional roles to consider:

Director of Sponsorships/Donors

Potential Event Operations partners:

MCI Events

Necto Sports